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How to enable CDP version 2 to advertise POE+ capabilities
How To - July 25, 2017
How to configure cdp device-id Unique device Identifier
How To - September 6, 2016
How to configure LLDP for Extreme switches to recognize IP phones
How To - August 11, 2016
Need modifications in port ID TLV, Device ID TLV sent in CDP messages.
Solution - September 16, 2016
How to configure l2pt profile in Extreme Switches
How To - January 4, 2017
Layer two (layer 2) protocol packets does not pass though the VMAN tunnel after upgrade of EXOS
Solution - March 15, 2016
How To configure an EOS switch to Assign Cisco Phones to the Voice VLAN
Q & A - November 21, 2017
How to enable LLDP/CDP in the network policy
Solution - April 5, 2020
How Do I Configure the ISW so Phone Will Communicate on Correct Voice VLAN
How To - May 21, 2018
How to troubleshoot why no information or just the MAC address is seen in the show lldp port remote-info port#
How To - November 16, 2015