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FN-2018-426, VDX8770 Line Card may Overheat Causing Switch Failure

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Notice Summary
A line card in a VDX8770-4 or VDX8770-8 may overheat and cause the switch to fail and become unusable.
Systems with any line card with a PCA revision lower than listed below are susceptible to a particular component which can overheat and fail, causing the switch to power off and be unusable.
To review the PCA revision, issue the command ‘show chassis’ and check the revision number of each line card as highlighted here:
LC  Slot: L1     
Blade Version:          3
Power Consume Factor:   -400
Power Usage (Watts):    -241
Factory Part Num:      60-1002821-17
Factory Serial Num:    BVV0405J00K
Manufacture:           Day: 21  Month:  4  Year: 13
Update:                Day: 12  Month: 10  Year: 2018
Time Alive:            1571 days
Time Awake:            1 days
Rework:                0
Without the software upgrade, the switch can fail and become unusable. If an overheat issue has occurred, the affected line card will need to be RMA’d, and in some instances the chassis may also need to be RMA’d.

Note: The number of failures observed in the field has been very low. The number of total failures of VDX 8770 switches, counting all reasons including this specific failure, are well below the predicted failure rate for this HW platform.
Products Affected
VDX8770-4 and VDX8770-8 with any line card part number that has a “-xx” PRIOR to these listed:
  • VDX8770-6X100G-CFP2: 60-1002821-17 (i.e. -16 or lower is affected)
  • VDX8770-48X10G-T: 60-1002909-16 (i.e. -15 or lower is affected)
  • VDX8770-27X40G-QSFP: 60-1002792-12 (i.e. -11 or lower is affected)
Software Affected
This is corrected in the following releases under defect 629607. All releases prior to these are affected.
  • NOS 6.02d and later
  • NOS 7.01b and later
  • NOS 7.0.2 and later
  • NOS 7.1.0a and later
  • NOS 7.2.0 and later
The switch may power down due to a detected thermal event or it may power down due to loss of an internal voltage. There may not be any log recorded ahead of the power down.
None. If any line cards in the system are below the revisions indicated above, the software must be upgraded to one of the versions above.
A SW solution to increase the nominal fan speed to ensure sufficient airflow over the circuitry to prevent any overheating of the specific component has been developed.
Upgrading to one of the specified firmware versions or any higher version of the Extreme Network OS will provide an increased fan speed and airflow to prevent any overheating.



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