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FN-2019-441, VMware vCenter integrated with NOS - Names exceeding max character length causes unexpected reload

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Notice Summary
Using VMware vCenter integration with NOS, with non-ASCII Unicode characters or certain ASCII symbols in vCenter settings for name descriptions (dswitch names, port group names, or any other name used to generate port profile names), can lead to port profile names exceeding the maximum character length for NOS to recognize. An unexpected reboot of the VDX switch may occur.
VMware vCenter integration with VDX allows NOS to automatically create port profiles based on vCenter settings. Port profile names are created based on multiple items configured within vCenter such as port group name and dswitch name. In NOS the maximum possible length of a port profile name is 128 characters. Field length limits in vCenter are usually enough to prevent the attempted creation of a port profile name longer than what NOS can handle.

ASCII letters and numbers and some ASCII symbols such as the minus sign “-“ are passed from vCenter settings to NOS as-is when they are used to create port profile names. Some ASCII symbols and all non-ASCII Unicode characters are converted into a form that can be safely used in port profile names. However, these can cause the maximum character length of 128 to be exceeded in NOS.  For example, dollar signs "$" are converted to @24, asterisks "*" are converted to @2a, plus signs "+" are converted to @2b, and at marks "@" are converted to @40. This conversion multiplies their length by three and in some other languages convert to even longer strings.

NOTE: This Field Notice is primarily to inform users about a potential risk for vCenter integrations with VDX NOS and an unexpected VDX reload when using images without the fix. To avoid the potential for creating port profile names longer than the 128 character limit that NOS can handle, in vCenter ASCII letters, numbers, and unconverted ASCII symbols such as the minus sign should be used in all fields used to automatically generate NOS port profile names.
Adding ASCII symbols or non-ASCII Unicode to the name of any item in vCenter used to generate VDX port profile names can result in failure to recognize the port profile. In the affected software versions listed above, it can also result in sudden reboot of the VDX switch.
Products Affected
  • VDX6740
  • VDX6940T
  • VDX6940T-1G
  • VDX6940
  • VDX8770
Software Affected
  • All versions prior to NOS 7.2.0d
  • NOS 7.3.0 and 7.3.0a
The following is an example of the message recorded in RASLOG when vCenter integration fails to create a port profile because too many ASCII symbols or non-ASCII Unicode characters were used.

2019/10/08-11:31:14, [VC-1104], 30628, SW/0 | Active, WARNING, VDX6740,  vCenter profile <PROFILE_NAME> creation failed : %%Error : Maximum length of Port Profile Name can be 128 char..

The following are an example of messages recorded in RASLOG when sudden reboot occurs due to use of too many ASCII symbols or non-ASCII Unicode characters in vCenter.

2019/10/08-11:34:24, [HASM-1200], 30640, SW/0 | Active | FFDC, WARNING, VDX6740, Detected termination of process nsm:3609.
2019/10/08-11:34:24, [HASM-1000], 30644, SW/0 | Active, CRITICAL, VDX6740, Daemon nsm terminated. System initiated reload/failover for recovery.
In vCenter the name of any item that can be used in the creation of a VDX port profile name – such as dswitch name or port group name -- should be limited to ASCII letters, ASCII numbers, the ASCII minus sign, and any other ASCII symbols that can be shown to be not converted.
Upgrade to a NOS Version with the fix for Defect ID NOS-66845 to prevent the unexpected VDX reload.

Fixed versions: NOS 7.2.0d and later patches, and 7.4.0 or later patch releases.



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