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FN-2020-445 - Agile DC Support Added for Extreme Branded Optics

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Notice Summary
For the software versions listed in the affected software list below, the new certified Extreme branded optics* did not yet have support. Please refer to the later software Release Notes for the applicable product for a detailed list of the current Extreme optics that have been fully certified.

* Please notice that the term “optics” refers to all copper-based and optical transceivers and cables, while “optical monitoring” refers to digital diagnostic monitoring. 

NOTE: A full list of certified Extreme branded optics can be found on the Extreme website here: Optics Compatability Matrix Tool


In order to ensure that your Extreme optics are fully certified for the product and software version that you are using, please refer to the software/patch release notes.


When using a supported Extreme branded optics for that product, with a SW version that has not yet added the support for this optic (as described in the Affected Software versions above) an upgrade will be required to support the optical monitoring features.  

NOTE: Previous supported Foundry\Brocade optics for the that product, will not be impacted and will continue to be supported. 

Products Affected
  • MLX-E Product family
  • CES\CER Product family 
  • VDX Product family 
  • SLX Product family
Software Affected
  • NetIron: 6.2.00D, 6.3.00B 
  • NOS: 7.0.2C, 7.2.0C, 7.3.0A, 7.4.0 
  • SLX-OS: All 18s.1.02, 18r.1.00C, 18r.2.00B 
  • (and Earlier patches in each code path)

Software versions listed in the Affected Software section above, will recognize Extreme branded optics as an unqualified 3rd party optic. Although, the Software OS is programmed to allow ports using non-qualified optics to link “UP”, the optical-monitoring features may not be functional and will not be supported. 

NOTE: Previously labelled Brocade optics may now bear the Extreme logo. If an optic has an Extreme label with an EEPROM reading Brocade, this is not a concern as there is no change in functionality or part number.

A message like the following will be seen in the syslog\raslog upon insertion of an optic that is not recognized by the software as a supported optic (even if it is Extreme branded) if you have not upgraded to a version of software that supports the newer optics: 

sw0# show media interface TenGigabitEthernet 71/0/23  
  Interface        TenGigabitEthernet 71/0/23 
  Optic is not Brocade qualified, optical monitoring is not supported
NetIron Router#show log 
Feb 21 19:57:07:W:SYSTEM: Optic is not factory qualified (port 1/1). 
    Type  : 10GE SR 300m SFP+ 
    Vendor:          CISCO-JDSU      , Version:                 1 
    Part# :          PLRXPL-SC-S43-CS, Serial#:     JUR1930GRG8
sw0# 2019/10/10-07:58:18, [NSM-1042], 1208, SW/0 | Active | DCE, WARNING, sw0, Unqualified SFP transceiver for interface TenGigabitEthernet 1/0/22 is detected. 

SLX1# show media interface ethernet 3/48 
  Interface        Ethernet 3/48 
  Optic is not Extreme qualified for current protocol, optical monitoring is not supported

Please refer to the Release Notes for the software installed to ensure the optic in use is listed as supported. The Optic Compatibility Matrix Tool will also be updated as we continue to certify optics.

Software Versions that start to support Extreme branded optics:

  • NOS: 7.2.0d, 7.3.0b, 7.4.0a
  • NetIron: 6.2.00e, 6.3.00c
  • SLX-OS: 18s.1.03, 18r.2.00c, 18r.1.00d, 20.1.1
  • (and later patches in each code path)



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