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HOW TO Upgrade An Extreme Management Center License

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TitleHOW TO Upgrade An Extreme Management Center License
  • To upgrade Extreme Management Center licenses as periodically required for use with newer feature releases.
  • Extreme Management Center (XMC, formerly NetSight)
  • All Supported Software Releases
  • Licensing
To Upgrade the Extreme Management Center license, log into the license portal at

License Voucher Page

You will need to provide:
  1.  A valid maintenance contract number for Extreme Management Center.
  2. The current " 0001:NMS-<key data>==" license key from the Extreme Management Center server.

Once you have received the new license apply it to the Extreme Management Center as follows:
Additional notes
Software licenses for Extreme Management Center must be periodically upgraded according to the following matrix. Any licenses generated prior to the cut-off date must be upgraded for use with the corresponding release.
Cut-Off Date
Valid For Use With
April 1 2016
7.1.x and all prior releases
June 1 2017
8.1.x and all prior releases
November 30 2018
8.3.x and all prior releases
November 24 2019
8.4.x and all prior releases
July 31 2020
8.5.x and all prior releases

  • An Extreme Networks support portal account is required for this activity.
  • ONLY Extreme Management Center "0001:NMS" licenses require upgrading per this process.
  • All other licenses including Extreme Control (IA-ES), Analytics (IA-PA), Guest & IoT Manager (IA-GIM), Subscription (27001) DO NOT need to be upgraded as part of any Extreme Management Center / Extreme Control upgrade. These licenses are valid as long as they are under entitlement.
  • The grace period for any license violation requiring an upgrade is 90 days. After 90 days Extreme Management Center will revert to an unlicensed status.
    • License status can be viewed in XMC via Administration -> Diagnostics -> Server -> Server Licenses
  • A valid services and support contract covering the NMS- license asset IS REQUIRED to upgrade a license.
  • What goes into the license key field is the Activation Key (beginning "0001:") normally configured Extreme Management Center.

If the above process does not appear to apply and/or you are experiencing difficulty upgrading the license please contact GTAC for further assistance. See How to contact Extreme Networks Global Technical Assistance Center (GTAC).



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