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ERS 4000/5000: How To Enable or Disable Password Security

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TitleERS 4000/5000: How To Enable or Disable Password Security
How To Enable or Disable Password Security
  • ERS 4000/5000
  • All software supported versions

1. Confirm if password security is enabled or disabled:

configure terminal
show password security

2a. Enable password security:

password security

2b. To disable password security:

no password security
  Note: If the password security is disabled the password exist but it does not expire.

3. How to configure password history:

password password-history <3-10>
show password password-history
  Note: Password history is 3 by default

4. How to configure password age out:

password aging-time day <1-2730>
show password aging-time
  Note: Aging time = 180 days by default
Additional notes
For additional password commands, use the "?" key after issuing the "password" command in global configuration mode.

Password security is enabled by default on secure ( SSH ) versions of software.
Password security is disabled by default on non-secure versions of software.
Note: RO and RW for both stack and standalone passwords cannot be the same.
End-user needs to provide RO/RW passwords for standalone and also for a stack.

Password security rules:
  • Read only and Read Write passwords cannot be the same. This rule applies to both standalone switches and switches in a stack.
  • RO and RW Switch/Stack password should have between 10 and 15 characters.
  • Password should contain a minimum of 2 upper, 2 lowercase letters, 2 numbers and 2 special characters such as !@#$%^&*().



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