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How To Configure OSPF

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TitleHow To Configure OSPF
Template for a basic configuration with OSPF on VOSS
VOSS platforms running any supported software

Step 1: Set global values:
1. Type enable
2. Type configure terminal
3. Type router ospf enable
4. Type router ospf
5. Type as-boundary-router enable (If you want to configure ASBR)
6. Type router-id XX.XX.XX.XX (where x equals an integer. Can be dotted decimal format)
7. Type area XX.XX.XX.XX (where x equals an integer)
8. Type exit

Step 2: Create VLANs being used and remove from VLAN 1 (optional):
1. Type  vlan create <vlan> name <name> type port-mstprstp <mstp-instance> (usually 0 unless running multiple spanning-tree instances)
2. Type vlan members add <vlan> <port(s)> portmember
3. Type vlan members remove 1 <all-ports>

Step 3: Create VLAN interface and apply OSPF values:
1. Type interface vlan <vlan>
2.  Type ip address <ip-address> <mask>
3.  Type ip ospf area xx.xx.xx.xx (where x equals an integer)
4.  Type ip ospf network <active | passive> (passive will set the interface to NOT send OSPF hello packets or OSPF updates)
5.  Type ip ospf enable
6.  Type exit

Step 4: Apply any redistribution required:
1. Type router ospf
2. Type redistribute direct
3. Type redistribute static
4. Type redistribute direct enable
5. Type redistribute static enable
6. Type exit

Step 5: Apply redistribution:
1. Type ip ospf apply redistribute direct
2. Type ip ospf apply redistribute static

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