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Use EDM To Configure LACP Over SMLT

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TitleUse EDM To Configure LACP Over SMLT
How to use EDM to configure LACP over SMLT
Running all supported software

Note: LACP key cannot be changed for an MLT via EDM if LACP aggregation is enabled on that MLT.

1. Go to Configuration --> VLAN --> MLT/LACP --> Insert


2. Enter MLT ID, Port Type -->Trunk, MLT Type --> SplitMLT, Aggregation --> Enable


3. Verify MLT Configuration


4. Verify MLT Config from LACP Tab


5. Select Port List


6. Right Click --> Select Edit General


7. Go To --> LACP Tab 


8. Set AdminEnable Tab --> True


9. Enter LACP Key For Ports 


10. Click on Apply 


11. Go To --> VLAN --> MLT/LACP --> MLT/LACP Tab --> Disable Aggregation



12. Go To --> LACP Tab --> Change Key --> Click on Apply


13. Go To --> MLT/LACP Tab --> Enable Aggregation Again


14. Click On --> Apply



Additional notes
- If non Avaya devices are connected, configure the static bundling on the ports where SMLT links are connected.
- If server is connected, make sure that both the ports of the server are configured as active - active.
- If system priority and port priority values are configured then make sure these are same on both the Cores.

LACP PDU uses these port priority to form the system ID [switch MAC(6 bytes)+ system priority(2 bytes)] value while sending LACP control messages to the partner, when different system and port priority values are configured on VSP-8ks the sys-id value changes when LACP PDU is sent which causes issues with link aggregation



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