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How to Enable Tagging on a Port

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TitleHow to Enable Tagging on a Port
Configuring the port as Trunk or enable tagging to allow multiple VLAN traffic. This mode would enable the packet going out of the Switch to carry the VLAN TAG.
  • BOSS
  • All Supported Software Versions
  • VOSS
  • All Supported software Versions
For BOSS devices:
  • Create VLAN
ERS(config)#vlan create <VLAN_ID> name <VLAN_NAME> type port
  • Define the Port as Tagged/Trunk.
ERS(config)#vlan ports <PORT_#> tagging tagall filter-untagged-frames enable
  • Define the Mode for the VLAN.
ERS(config)#vlan configcontrol flexible
  • Add ports to the VLAN
ERS(config)#vlan members add <VLAN_#> <PORT_#>
  • Run below command to verify if the VLAN has been added to the Switch-port.
ERS(config)#show interfaces <PORT_#> config

FOR VOSS devices:
  • Create VLAN
VSP(config)#vlan create <VLAN_ID> name <VLAN_NAME> type port
  • Add ports to the VLAN
VSP(config)#vlan members add <VLAN_#> <PORT_#>
  • Enable dot1Q Encapsulation
VSP(config)#interface gigabitEthernet <PORT_#>
VSP(config)#encapsulation dot1q
  • Untag the default VLAN on a Port (This step is optional depending on the requirements)
VSP(config)#interface gigabitEthernet <PORT_#>
VSP(config)#untag-port-default-vlan enable
  • Run command to verify the configuration
VSP(config)# show interface gigabitEthernet vlan <PORT_#>
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