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How To Configure RSPAN Over SPBM Cloud on VOSS

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TitleHow To Configure RSPAN Over SPBM Cloud on VOSS
How to configure RSPAN over a SPBM cloud on VOSS platform
Virtual Service Platform 4000 / 7200 / 8000 running software and above

Mirroring device:
#mirror-by-port [session-id] in-port [ports] monitor-isid-offset [value] mode [mode]

Monitoring device:
#monitor-by-isid [session-id] monitor-isid-offset [value] egress-ports [ports]

Commands explanation
[session-id] <1-479>Value picked by you. Must be the same on both devices.
in-port [ports]  <slot/port>Mirrored port.
monitor-isid-offset [value] <1-1000>Specifies the offset value that is mapped to the actual monitor I-SID where packets are mirrored. Must be the same on both devices. (Monitor I-SID = base monitor I-SID + offset value. The base monitor I-SID is 16776000.)
mode [mode] <both|tx|rx>Sets the mirroring mode. The default is rx. both mirrors both egress and ingress packets. tx mirrors egress packets. rx mirrors ingress packets.
egress-ports [ports] <slot/port>Port with monitoring device connected.
Additional notes
Note: To add multiple Port-based i-sid mirroring configs, just change the "in-port" and "i-sid-offset" value to mirror other SMLT links



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