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How To Generate ERS/VSP Product Licenses

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TitleHow To Generate ERS/VSP Product Licenses
  • How To Generate ERS/VSP Product Licenses
  • Virtual Services Platform (VSP)
  • Ethernet Routing Switch (ERS)
  1. Obtain required system information
    1. Type enable 
    2. Type config t
    3. Type show system verbose
      • MAC Address (00-00-00-00-00-00)
      • Serial Number
  2. Licensing Process
    1. Login to the Customer Support Portal
    2. How to Locate and Redeem ERS/VSP Licenses in the Customer Portal
    3. Click the Generate License button
    4. If you receive and error message please review
      1. Error Message - The HW Serial Number you entered is not recognized
      2. Error Message - You cannot use this Voucher ID with this HW Serial Number
    5. Enter the following information into the Licensing Form
      • MAC Address (00-00-00-00-00-00)
      • Serial Number
  3. Download the XML license
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