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How To Configure SPB With vIST On VOSS Platforms

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TitleHow To Configure SPB With vIST On VOSS Platforms
This article provides steps to configure SPB (Shortest Path Bridging) and vIST (Virtual Inter-Switch Trunk) on VOSS platforms from a defaulted switch configuration
  • VOSS platforms
  • All supported releases
Access configuration mode
  1. Type enable
  2. Type config term
Enable SPB
  1. Type spbm
Configure ISIS and SPB
  1. Type router isis
  2. Type spbm 1
  3. Type spbm 1 b-vid 4051,4052 primary 4051
  4. Type system-id <XXXX.XXXX.XXXX - 6 bytes>  (ex: 020c.0650.0001)
  5. Type spbm 1 nick-name <X.XX.XX - 2.5 bytes>  (ex:  c.65.01)
  6. Type manual-area <XX.XXXX.XXXX...XXXX - 1-13 bytes>  (ex:  49.0000)
  7. Type exit
Create SPB backbone VLANs
  1. Type vlan create 4051 name <VLAN_NAME> type spbm-bvlan
  2. Type vlan create 4052 name <VLAN_NAME> type spbm-bvlan
Remove ports from default VLAN1 that will be configured for ISIS
  1. Type vlan members remove 1 <PORT_LIST>
Configure ISIS and disable spanning-tree on interface
  1. Type interface gigabitEthernet <PORT_LIST>
  2. Type isis
  3. Type isis spbm 1
  4. Type isis enable
  5. Type no spanning-tree mstp force-port-state enable  (when prompted "Are you sure you want to continue (y/n)?" press"y" for yes)
  6. Type exit
Create vIST VLAN
  1. Type vlan create (VLAN_ID> name <VLAN_NAME> type port-mstprstp 0
  2. Type vlan i-sid <VLAN_ID> <I-SID_NUMBER>
Assign ip address to vIST VLAN
  1. Type interface vlan <vIST_VLAN_ID>
  2. Type ip address <IP.ADDR>/<MASK>
  3. Type exit
Configure vIST (and SMLT if needed) on vIST nodes
  1. Type virtual-ist peer-ip <PEER_IP_ADDR> vlan <vIST_VLAN_ID>  (peer ip address is ip configured on vIST vlan interface of neighboring node involved in vIST)
  2. Type router isis
  3. Type spbm 1 smlt-peer-system-id <XXXX.XXXX.XXXX - 6 bytes>  (SPB system-id of vIST peer)
  4. Type spbm 1 smlt-virtual-bmac <XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX>  (must match on both vIST nodes)
  5. Type exit
  6. Type router isis enable
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