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How to configure vlan configcontrol

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TitleHow to configure vlan configcontrol
Configure VLAN configcontrol 
#configure terminal
#vlan configcontrol [strict | automatic | autoPVID | flexible]

Additional notes
Strict - restricts addition of untagged port to a VLAN if that port is already in a VLAN. VLAN must first be removed from ALL VLANs before it can be added.

Automatic - Auto adds untagged port to new VLAN, removes it from ALL previous VLANs, and changes the PVID to the VID of the joint VLAN.
NOTE: Since it is first added to VLAN and THEN removed, STP group participation will not be disabled as long as the VLANs are in the same STP group.

AutoPVID - Untagged port is added to a new VLAN, port is added and VLAN and PVID are assigned to the new VID. Port is not removed from any previous VLAN memberships. Will be in multiple VLANs.

Flexible - Can be a member of multiple VLANs. New VLAN additions do NOT change the PVID of the port.

NOTE: Configcontrol determines how switch manipulates port VLAN assignments and PVID value assignments when ports are placed into VLANs.



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