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How To Change the IP Address of a Topology Via CLI

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TitleHow To Change the IP Address of a Topology Via CLI
How To Change the IP Address of a Topology Via CLI
  • ExtremeWireless
  • V2110
  • Console
  • Serial
  • SSH
  • Hyper-V
  • VMware
1. Log into the controller via serial if using hardware controller or virtual console if using Hyper-V or VMware (if you are not making changes to the physical management topology you can log in via SSH)
login as: admin
Using keyboard-interactive authentication.
|                                                       |
|  Extreme Wireless Convergence OS                      |
|  Copyright Extreme Networks Inc. 2019                 |
|                                                       |

2. Type 'topology' then 'show' the list the available topologies.
EWC1:topology# show

Name                    Mode      L2:VlanId,tagged,port  L3:IP,GW,DHCP                    L3:IPv6,Auto-Generated

Admin                   admin     N/A,N/A,Admin,none,N/A            N/A,
Bridged at AP untagged  b@ap      4093,disable,N/A
MGMT                    physical  2,enable,esa0,none,none
VLAN3_B@EWC             b@ac      3,enable,esa0,,local
VLAN2_B@AP              b@ap      2,disable,N/A
VLAN3_B@AP              b@ap      3,enable,N/A
VLAN10_B@AP             b@ap      10,enable,N/A
VLAN4_B@EWC             b@ac      4,enable,esa0,none,none

Topology Group
ROSEWILL                b@ac      4093,N/A,N/A ,none,none

Topology global info:
Internal VLAN ID: 4094
Multicast support: disabled

3. Type the name of the topology you would like to edit (in this example the topology is named "MGMT", typle 'l3', type 'show' to see the current IP address.
EWC1:topology# MGMT
EWC1:topology:MGMT# l3
EWC1:topology:MGMT:l3# show
Interface IP
AP Registration: disable
Allow management traffic: enable
Factory default certificate/key
MTU: 1500

4. To configure a new IP address enter in the desired IP and mask (example:, hit enter and then type 'apply'
EWC1:topology:MGMT:l3# ip
EWC1:topology:MGMT:l3# apply

5. You can then exit and close the console session and the changes should now be active. 

Additional notes
If changing subnets or masks on the physical management topology you will also need to change the default route of the controller.
How to configure the default route on the IdentiFi Wireless Appliance.



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