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How to Upgrade Firmware on ExtremeWireless Controller Using USB Flash Drive

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TitleHow to Upgrade Firmware on ExtremeWireless Controller Using USB Flash Drive
How to Upgrade Firmware on ExtremeWireless Controller Using USB Flash Drive
  • ExtremeWireless
  • IdentiFi Wireless
  • USB Flash Drive
  • Access Portal account and download desired/latest image for your specific controller (How to choose the correct ExtremeWireless firmware or software version)
  • Verify if any step/staged upgrades are necessary, using release notes or Hub KB 15070
  • Format USB Flash Drive with FAT32 file system
  • Unzip image and put it in the root directory of the USB Flash Drive
  • Plug the usb into any of the usb ports on the appliance. 

Mounting USB Flash Drive/Config Backup
  • Access controller through Web Browser https://<ip_address>:5825
  • If the usb drive does not auto-mount click 'Controller>Administration>Flash>Mount'. (the files on the usb drive should show up)
  • -Click 'Controller>Administration>Software Maintenance'(The firmware upgrade file should show up under 'local')
  • Make a backup of your configuration and save it to the flash drive before proceeding with the upgrade. 
  • Click 'Controller>Administration>Software Maintenance>Backup
  • Under 'Backup: Select What to Back up:' chose 'configurations only'
  • Click 'Backup Now'
  • The backup config will now be available in the Available backups
  • Under 'Copy Selected Backup to:' chose 'Flash'
  • Select the filename of the backup created
  • Click 'Copy'

Firmware Upgrade
  • Click 'Controller>Administration>Software Maintenance>EWC Software'
  • If there is a rescue image tgz file it will need to be deleted so that a new rescue image can be created. (Select the rescue image and click 'Delete Selected')
  • Make sure the 'Backup System Image to:  local (radio button)' is selected 
  • If a WDS Bridge is configured on the controller. Make sure AP upgrade behavior is set for Controlled Upgrade.
  • Select the firmware image to be upgraded which will have (flash) at the end of the filename.
  • Click 'Upgrade Now'
  • Controller will advise you of a reboot and the approximate time the process will take.
  • It is helpful to start a continuous ping to the management IP address of the controller, the ping should drop during the upgrade process, a few minutes after ping is restored you should be able to access the WebUI

AP Upgrade
Once the controller(s) finish upgrading an AP reboot will be needed to get the AP's on the new code
If APs do not upgrade after rebooting them, see: APs not upgrading when rebooted
See the following article for more information on how AP's are upgraded and when in High Availability Pair.  How is firmware downloaded to the ExtremeWireless Access Points?
If the upgrade caused any issues or introduced an issue the system can be recovered by going through the same upgrade process as above only this time you would select the Rescue Image that was created during the upgrade process. How to revert the controller image Using Rescue Image
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