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Securestack Vulnerability Notice

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TitleSecurestack Vulnerability Notice
Securestack Vulnerability Notice 
  • Securestack
  • C5
  • B5
CVE                                                  Status                                                                                          
CVE-2016-10009Not vulnerable, EOS does not support PKCS#11.
CVE-2016-3115 Not applicable - X11 forwarding is not permitted.
CVE-2015-5600Not vulnerable, default 3 attempts before lockout interval of 15 minutes.
CVE-2010-4478Not applicable, J-PAKE source code has never been implemented in the product firmware.
CVE-2006-5794 Not applicable, Privilege Separation Monitor source code has never been implemented in the product firmware.
CVE-2010-5107Using a host ACL to restrict access to SSH is an effective solution to this or any other DOS attack.
CVE-2014-2532Not applicable - environment variables unsupported.
CVE-2016-10010Not vulnerable - no ability to disable privilege separation.
CVE-2007-2243Not vulnerable, OpenSSH “S/Key" authentication feature is not implemented.
CVE-2006-4925Addressed in 6.81 track of firmware.
CVE-2015-5352Not applicable, platform does not implement the X11 forwarding functionality.
CVE-2016-10012Not Vulnerable, does not support pre-authentication compression.
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