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How to configure MLT/SMLT

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TitleHow to configure MLT/SMLT
  • Configuring MLT/SMLT on ERS /VSP
  • All ERS / VSP platform
  • All supported releases
For SMLT to work, a vIST running between two core switches should be configured. To configure the vIST, please see below article:
How to configure SPBm with vIST on VOSS


Please follow the below steps to configure MLT/SMLT on both VOSS switches in a cluster (vIST/IST peers).


Step 1: Create MLT and enable SMLT  
1. Type enable
2. Type configure terminal
3. Type mlt <mlt-id>
4. Type mlt <mlt-id> member <port-number>
5. Type mlt <mlt-id> encapsulation dot1q
6. Type interface mlt <mlt-id>
7. Type smlt

Step 2: Allow VLANs on SMLT
1. Type vlan members add <vlan-id> <port-number>
2. Type interface gigabitethernet <port-number>
3. Type no shut
4. Type exit

Step 3: Verify the SMLT is up
1. Type show mlt 
2. Type show smlt mlt

Please follow the step to configure MLT on edge device (BOSS):

Step 1: Create MLT

1. Type enable
2. Type configure terminal
3. Type mlt <mlt-id> name <user-defined-name> member <port number> learning disable
4. Type mlt <mlt-id> enable

Step 2: Add VLANs to MLT
1. Type vlan configcontrol flexible
2. Type vlan members add <vlan-id> <port number>
3. Type vlan ports <port-number> tagging

Step 3: Enable ports AFTER configuration on the core switches is complete
1. Type interface ethernet <port number>
2. Type no shutdown
Additional notes
  • NOTE: If you are not running a VOSS device for your edge switch, please be sure to follow the steps above on how to create the MLT for BOSS -you will NOT be creating an SMLT on the edge device.



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