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How to collect core file

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TitleHow to collect core file
Collect core file from VOSS
VSP running any supported software
Step 1: Verify the core file was created, locate the core-file name and date relating to incident:
1. Type enable
2. Type show core-files
Directory: /intflash/coreFiles/1
1.  File:    core.cbcp-main.x.20190814122317.1.tar
    Size:    17613824 bytes
    Created: Wed Aug 14 12:23:18 2019
    Release :, Build View : /gitstore1/ocristea/ocristea_master
2.  File:    core.ssio.20190814122221.1.tar
    Size:    8242688 bytes
    Created: Wed Aug 14 12:22:21 2019
    Release :, Build View : /gitstore1/ocristea/ocristea_master

Step 2: Verify the proper boot config flags are set for FTP:
#show boot config flags | include ftp
flags ftpd true

2a: If they show "false", enable the flags with the following command:
1. Type enable
2. Type configure terminal
3. Type boot config flags ftpd

Step 3: Get core-file from FTP server:
1. On your FTP server make sure you can ping the switches IP to verify connectivity
2. Type ftp [switch-ip]
2a. enter credentials to log into switch
3. Type bin
4. Type hash
5. Type cd /intflash/coreFiles/1
6. Type get [coreFilename.tar]
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