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How to configure XMC with ZTP+ and FA management vlan

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TitleHow to configure XMC with ZTP+ and FA management vlan
Use ZTP+ to configure an EXOS switch from scratch using the Fabric Attach management vlan
  • EXOS
  • XMC
  • Fabric Attach
  • ZTP+
If you use a Fabric Attach managent vlan to do ZTP+ on an unconfigured switch, the ZTP+ process will start normally, but in the end the default vlan will be used to configure the management IP address on the switch. When that is done ZTP+ looses the connection to XMC and the switch will reboot.

To overcome this you need to create a vlan to the site on XMC with the tag of the FA management vlan. (do not use  SYS_VLAN_<tag> but use another name!)
You need to add this vlan to the interswitch port template as a tagged vlan.

During the ZTP+ process it will create this vlan on the switch and assign it the management IP address and ZTP+ should complete.
Additional notes
Any logging during the ZTP+ process you can see in the cc_logs directory on the switch.



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