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How to upload large files to a case

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TitleHow to upload large files to a case
This article describes how to upload files larger than 2 GB to a case. Uploading to a case via the support portal is limited to 2GB. Extreme Secure File Transfer supports very large files to a practical limit of 30GB. 

For files larger than 30GB, work with your TSE to arrange an alternate method.
To upload a large file to a case, you must first be provisioned on the Secure File Transfer (SFT) system. This is done in three ways.
  1.  When creating a case, click the checkbox for "Request FTP" on the Submit page of the case creation process.
  2. Click the "Request FTP" on the "Additional Info" section of an existing case.
  3. The engineer working your case can request FTP be provisioned.
In all these methods the following will happen:
  1. A directory for your case will be created on SFT
  2. An account is created for you on SFT if one doesn't already exist
  3. An email is sent to you with the log in details
Once you receieve the email you should first login to SFT and change your password.

To upload files you have two options.
  1. Upload using Secure File website
User-added image
  1. After logging in, click “Upload”
  2. Click the drop-down and select case directory
  3. Drag & drop, or browse to upload file

Note: Files are not retained on the upload server, but a record of uploads is kept under logs.
  1. Upload using SFTP
SFT Screenshot
  1. Enter s for host, username and password
  2. Browse to local file location
  3. Drag and drop file on to case folder

Note: Files are not retained on the upload server, but a record of uploads is kept under transfers.
Additional notes
  1. If you accidentally delete the email you recieve, you can go and just login
    1. You can also reset password on the login screen, if forgotten
  2. Alternatively, you can go to "Case Management" on the portal, and click "Request FTP" under the additional info section of the case



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