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HOW TO Upgrade Guest & IoT Manager Release to Release

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TitleHOW TO Upgrade Guest & IoT Manager Release to Release
  • Successfully complete the upgrade of Guest & IoT Manager (GIM).
  • Extreme Control (NAC)
  • Extreme Guest & IoT Manager (GIM)
  • Software Upgrade
Prior to the below actions:
  1. Download the GIM VMware Appliance Image, GIM_va.b.c.ddd.ova
  2. Deploy the new GIM VMware Appliance Image on the host hypervisor.
  3. Power on the new GIM VMware appliance.

  1. Log into Extreme Management Center.
  2. Navigate to Control -> Access Control -> Engines -> Engine Groups.
  3. Click "Guest & IoT Managers" tab.
  4. Click Edit.
  5. Click the 'eye' icon to expose the RADIUS Shared Secret; take note of it, the Name and IP Address of the existing GIM appliance.
  1. Log into Guest & IoT Manager Administration GUI (https://<IP Address>/GIM/admin).
  2. Navigate to Administration -> Backup/Restore.
  3. Take a current Backup. Click "Backup Now".

Complete the Upgrade:
  1. Log into ESXi / vSphere.
  2. Shut down the current GIM VMware appliance.
  3. Access the console of the *new* GIM appliance.
  4. Login as admin / admin.
Guest & IoT Manager
Node: GIM
Linux Server using Kernel 4.15.0-45-generic for x86_64
GIM login: admin
Password: admin
Last Login: Mon Jan 01 00:00:01 UTC 2019 on tty1

Enter the IP Address for GIM admin interface [Default:]: <PRIOR_GIM_IP_ADDRESS>

Enter the IP netmask for GIM [Default: 24]: 

Enter the gateway address [Default:]: 

Enter the Primary DNS address [Default:]:

Please wait while the configuration is set...

Generating new self-signed certificates for IP <PRIOR_GIM_IP_ADDRESS>
tomcat restart completed successfully
Restarted the web services to listen on the new IP Address.
Please verify the route setting using the "route" command
Change the DNS Setting
tomcat restart completed successfully
Initial deployment is complete.

Please open a browser and go to Link - to continue the setup of Guest & IoT Manager.
  1. [OPTIONAL] Add a default route using the 'route' command.
  2. Log into Guest & IoT Manager Administration GUI (https://<IP Address>/GIM/admin).
  3. Navigate to Administration -> Access Control Engine.
  4. Enter the Primary/Secondary Engine IP Address or Host Name.
  5. Enter the XMC Admin username and password, usually the root account.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Confirm Access Control Engine Status is UP.
  8. Navigate to Administration -> Backup / Restore -> Restore.
  9. Choose the appropriate backup configuration.
  10. Click Restore.
Additional notes
Guest & IoT Manager (GIM) does not support the traditional in-place BIN image upgrade that other Extreme Management Center appliances use. For each upgrade of GIM a fresh VMware OVA must be deployed to the hypervisor, configured for its base IP and DNS configuration, and via the GIM Administration GUI restore a prior backup configuration.

It is important prior to any XMC / Control / GIM upgrade that at least one configuration backup or automated backup is performed via GIM's Admin GUI Backup/Restore option.
If no manual or automated backup is performed and the parent XMC / Control deployments are upgraded to a new release before Guest & IoT Manager (GIM) then GIM may no longer be able to connect to Control. GIM will report "Incompatible XMC/NAC version" and this is an unrecoverable condition.



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