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How to Configure MSDP between an S-Series and VOSS

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TitleHow to Configure MSDP between an S-Series and VOSS
How to Configure MSDP between VOSS and S-Series
  • S-Series
  • VOSS
S-Series Configuration:
1. Type configure
2. Type interface [vlan-interface]
3. Type ip address [ip-address] [mask] primary
4. Type ip pim sparse-mode
5. Type no shutdown
6. Type exit

7. Type ip pim bsr-candidate [loopback-ip] priority 200
8. Type ip pim rp-candidate [loopback-ip] [multicast-ip] [mask]

9. Type ip msdp originator-id [loopback-int]
10. Type ip msdp peer [ip-of-remote-msdp-device] connect-source [loopback-int]

7200 Config:
1. Type enable
2. Type configure terminal
3. Type ip msdp
4. Type ip msdp originator-id [CLIP]
5. Type ip msdp enable

6. Type ip msdp peer [S-series-loopback]
7. Type ip msdp peer [S-series-loopback] remote-as 0
8. Type ip msdp ttl-threshold [S-series-vlan-interface] 1
9. Type ip msdp peer [S-series-loopback] enable

Note: CLIP is the loopback for the VOSS switch.

Issue show commands to verify your MSDP set up is working:
VSP-7254XTQ:1(config)#show ip msdp sa-cache vrf msdp
                                       MSDP Foreign SA Cache - VRF msdp
SOURCE          GROUP           RP              ORIGINATOR    UP TIME               EXPIRY TIME          
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  BGP/AS n/a    0 day(s), 00:03:02    0 day(s), 00:06:27   
MSDP Source-Active Foreign Cache - 1 out of 1 entries

VSP-7254XTQ:1(config)#show ip mroute route vrf msdp
                            Mroute Route - VRF msdp
GROUP           SOURCE          SRCMASK         UPSTREAM_NBR    IF     EXPIR    PROT
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------      Vlan4013  0     spb-pim-gw

1 out of 1 total mroute entries displayed

Note: The output of the 'show' commands lists a VRF being used. 
Additional notes

IP connectivity between the S-series and the VOSS switch must be in place (loopbacks can ping each other) before MSDP will become 'established'.

Note: You can configure MSDP on the global router or inside a VRF. If a VRF is chosen, then the MSDP configuration needs to be put into the VRF.



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