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How to add an EXOS switch to Extreme Management Center (XMC) using SNMPv2

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TitleHow to add an EXOS switch to Extreme Management Center (XMC) using SNMPv2
Add an EXOS switch to XMC using SNMPv2.
Extreme Management Center (XMC)
1.) Create a new SNMP community on the switch:
configure snmp add community [readonly/readwrite] <community name>

2.) Under the Administration section of XMC, add a new SNMP credential with the chosen community name, setting the SNMP version to SNMPv2.

3.) Under the same Adminstration section, add a new profile, set the SNMP version to SNMPv2, and set the "Read" and "Write" credentials to the credential created in part 2.).

4.) Under the Network, devices, section of XMC, click on the menu bar under "Devices" and select "Device, Add Device".

5.) Under the "Add device menu" select the IP address of the switch and the profile created in part 3.), and click ok.

Additional notes
The device should now show up and then go green under devices. If it fails to go green, check the community name under the credential is valid. Running "show management" from the CLI will show authorization errors under AuthErrors. In the "show log" output you should also get notification of authorisation errors. If you need to reconfigure anything, you may need to delete and re-add the device.



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