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200 Series Switch - Configuring POE for Wireless Access Points

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Title200 Series Switch - Configuring POE for Wireless Access Points
Optimize POE configuration to support Wireless Access Points
200 Series switches with POE support. Includes models 210, 220 and 240
The 200 Series switch supports:
  • Dot3af (low power) and Legacy Support
  • Dot3at (high power) Applications
  • Flexible Power Management
         -power reservation
         -power prioritization
         -power limiting

The PoE feature allows an administrator to perform following actions:
  • Provide power to requesting devices attached directly to the switch
  • Disable some or all PoE ports from delivering power
  • Manage the amount of power that can be delivered on a PoE  port
  • View the electrical measurements and power delivery status of the PoE  ports
  • Restore PoE port to normal state when it is in a fault state

When configuring your switch for POE, you will nee to know the POWER BUDGET
User-added image

Note that in this display, the total power budget is 185000 mw. The same information can be access in the CLI, but it will be in WATTS I.E. 185 W

Once you know the POWER Budget,determine to power requirements for the devices you want to add.

AF Power = 12.95W
AT Power = 25.5W

If the total Watts required exceed what is available, some of the devices will require external power.

Only configure the ports that require POE to have it enabled.

User-added image

For Wireless ACCESS POINTS make sure the PRIORITY is set to HIGH.

User-added image

To reboot an Access POINT disable POE to the port and after about 10 seconds, re-enable it.
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