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AP Distributed Mode (WiNG) XCA discovery - Microsoft DHCP configuration

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TitleAP Distributed Mode (WiNG) XCA discovery - Microsoft DHCP configuration
Access Points in Distributed mode can find ExtremeCloud Appliance (XCA) with any of the following methods:
- DHCP option 
- DNS A-record
- manual static configuration

This article gives steps to configure Microsoft DHCP server to utilize option 191 for discovery of XCA by Access Points in Distributed mode.
- ExtremeCloud Appliance 
- Access Points in  distributed mode (WiNG/WiNG7 Access Points)
- Microsoft DHCP server
1. In Microsoft DHCP server configuration right-click on IPv4 and select Set Predefined Options

User-added image

2.Click Add to set the option

User-added image

3. Add the option as per example below. Make sure that Data Type is String and Code is 191. Click OK to save the option. 

User-added image

4. Select the subnet where you expect Access Points to be , then Scope Options-->Configure Options

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5. Find option 191 created earlier, in a String Value add : adoption-mode=ws-controller;pool1=<ip_address_of_XCA> , click OK to save changes. 

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