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Access to Extreme Dojo for Partner/Customer Training

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TitleAccess to Extreme Dojo for Partner/Customer Training
Need Extreme Networks remote training, examination, results, or badge/certification
  • Extreme Networks training
  • Extreme Dojo remote training
  • NetExam remote training
Extreme Networks previously used NetExam for such remote training, but as of mid-May 2019 has migrated to Extreme Dojo as accessed via the user's Extreme Portal account, for both partners and customers:
  • To access the Extreme Dojo training site : (Partnerportal > Partnerhome > Acces extreme Dojo)
  • To access the Extreme Dojo support site :
  • To submit an Extreme Dojo support email :
  • To submit an Extreme training-related email :;
As of mid-June 2019, all prior NetExam user data has been ported to the Dojo site.
As of early August 2019, the Dojo data may be downloaded or printed as .pdf-format certificates.
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