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How To Add New Unit to Securestack

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TitleHow To Add New Unit to Securestack
How do you add a unit to a stack?

  • Securestack
  • C5-Series
  • B5-Series
  • All Securestack units
  • All Firmwares supported
  1. Starting in firmware version and greater is a POE EEPROM rewrite
  2. Verify firmware on stack - execute "show version"
  3. Verify firmware on new unit - execute "show version"
  4. Adding a unit with firmware prior to will require an upgrade of the unit  before adding to the stack
  5. Adding a unit to a stack running firmware previous to will require the stack to be upgraded first then add the new unit
  6. Power the unit down
  7. Mount new unit in rack
  8. Connect stacking cables from new unit to stack
  9. Power on new unit
  10. Monitor new unit by executing "show port stat *.X.*" (X=unit number in stack)
  11. Wait until "detach" is no longer displayed for the ports.
Additional notes
How do I replace a faulty unit or management Switch?

Additional Notes:
  1. Do not power off or reset a unit or stack being upgraded to from an earlier release for 9 minutes to allow rewrite to complete
  2. If the stack has more recent firmware and the unit being added is version or greater it can be added without upgrading first




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