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Add block IPv6 or other services to existing policy

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TitleAdd block IPv6 or other services to existing policy
  • Add Block IPv6 to existing policy
  • Add services to a Role
  • Secure Stack switches
  • D-Series
  • N-Series
  • K-Series
  • S-Series
  • Summit switches
  • Identifi Wireless Controller
  • NetSight Policy Manager
  1. In Policy Manager, click on Roles in the tree view on the left
  2. On the right screen, click on the Details View (editable) tab on the right
  3. Double click on the items in the services column for a role
  4. From the resulting pull down menu, check the box for the service Deny IPv6
  5. Hit enter to save
  6. Repeat for all Roles where you want to add this service
  7. Enforce Policy to the devices
Additional notes
The service Deny IPv6 is part of the Default Policy Domain that ships with the product.

This is just one method of adding services to a role.  There are other methods that you can review by clicking on Help in the Policy Manager application.

Policy to block certain protocols such as IPv6 can also be accomplished via CLI.  A description is available at this link: "

KCS 1111:, "How to configure policy to drop or block IPV6 packets on Securestacks and Modular switches/routers"



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