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Aerohive Support Integration End User FAQ

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TitleAerohive Support Integration End User FAQ
Aerohive Product Support Integration
Questions and Answers

Here is a summary of the most frequently asked questions for obtaining service and support on Aerohive products.
NOTE: This document is living document so please be sure to check back here for updates.

  • Aerohive Products
  • Extreme Networks Support

What do we need to know today?

Support Delivery on ExtremeCloud IQ/Aerohive products remains the same from now until April 2020. Please continue to use the Aerohive processes and technical support contact information as you have in the past for all support activities (Tech Support, RMAs, etc.).

To obtain Aerohive technical phone support on all ExtremeCloud IQ/Aerohive products, call toll free - 1-866-365-9918 or +1-408-510-6100 (from outside of North America).

Partners in the Extreme Networks Partner Program supporting an EXOS or VSP product under warranty and connecting to ExtremeCloud IQ should use Extreme's GTAC for technical phone support.

Here are links to additional information regarding the integration:

Aerohive Services and Support General Questions

Between Now and January 13th

Which Aerohive Products are included in the transition?

All Aerohive product lines will transition to Extreme Networks.

How do I renew my Subscriptions?

You will continue to renew your Aerohive license subscriptions in the same manner you do today. You may reach out to these resources with Subscription renewal questions:
North America:

Can I still use the Aerohive Support Portal?

You will continue to use the Aerohive Support Portal until April 2020.
From January 13th to April 2020

How do I purchase Services on new Aerohive products I purchase?

All new sales of Aerohive products and services will be quoted and booked in Extreme Systems using existing Aerohive SKUs, pricing and discounts. These existing Aerohive SKUs will be used until April 2020.
You may reach out to these resources with service purchase questions AFTER January 13th, 2020.
North America:

As of April 2020

Will my existing contact information be migrated into Extreme’s support systems?

All end customer contact information will be integrated into Extreme’s support systems. Please refer back to this document for updates on details.

Will my contact information, support cases and contract details be available through the Extreme Support Portal?

All support case and contract details will be migrated over to Extreme. Please refer back to this document for updates.

If I currently have a case open with Aerohive products, will my case be transferred?

All open cases will be transferred and given new Extreme case numbers. Please provide your old Aerohive product case number or if you know it, the new Extreme case number. The case owner will remain the same.
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