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Application Telemetry Configuration, troubleshooting and debug

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TitleApplication Telemetry Configuration, troubleshooting and debug
A reference for working with Application Telemetry implementation issues
  • Analytics
  • XOS
  • X440-G2
  • X460-G2
  • X670-G2
  • X690
  • VSP-4450
  • VSP-8600
  • Application Telemetry
  • Sflow +
Application Telemetry is configured via the Extreme Management Center User Interface (UI) and not via the source switch itself. Configuration via the switch is not supported.
The below marks some steps to demonstrate a functioning Application Telemetry setup for reference purposes.

Go to Anayltics->Configuration->Select Engine->Select Configuration

Make sure that the configuration for the appliance is set to Flow Collection Type of App Telemetry, and if also using Netflow from other devices, you want to select "Both".
User-added image

The Adding Application telemetry devices can take a significant amount of time to apply to a switch. 
If the switch is not visable with an ADD, either the CLI credentials are not working or the device firmware do not support it.

Reference working Application Telemetry switches added:
User-added image

Debugging if the above resulted in issues.

Look for script logs to the switch

(Look for approprate device IP and timestamp when the device was attempted to be added)
ie 10_0_1_1_023230434.txt
trace for packet X on Analytics appliance
tcpdump -i eth0 port 6343

User-added image

Configuration pushed to the switch/router

For XOS Devices
Look for ACL in switch
show config acl
show access-list usage acl-slice port x

# Module acl configuration.
configure access-list telemetry any ingress
configure access-list telemetryegress any egress

Look for sflow+ configuration on switch, enabled on port1 (you need several source and destination ports for this to be of value)

show config etmon

# Module etmon configuration.

configure sflow sample-rate 1024
configure sflow poll-interval 60
enable sflow
configure sflow collector port 6343 vr "VR-Default"
configure sflow agent ipaddress
configure sflow ports 1 sample-rate 1024
enable sflow ports 1 ingress

Look for mirror setup in show config. The following uses 25.92 as the analytics appliance IP, and 108.22 is the X4XX-G2 switch itself.

create mirror "EAN"
configure mirror EAN to remote-ip from ping-check off
enable mirror EAN

For VSP devices supporting Application Telemetry

 VSP-4450GSX-PWR+:1(config)#                  show sflow
                           sFlow Global Configuration
        Global State                   : Enabled
        Agent  IP                      : (switch IP)
VSP-4450GSX-PWR+:1(config)#show app-telemetry status
Application Telemetry is enabled
Collector is reachable via
sflow agent-ip
sflow enable
sflow collector 1 address (analytics appliance)
interface GigabitEthernet 1/3
sflow sampling-rate 8192
sflow collector 1
interface GigabitEthernet 1/4
sflow sampling-rate 8192
sflow collector 1
app-telemetry enable

How to detect if ERSPAN is sending traffic? Take a trace at the analytics appliance.
look for a tcpdump from the switch with a GREv0 packet type.

tcpdump -i eth0 proto 47

User-added image

Check the Application Flows for a FLOWSOURCE of Application Telemetry device

filter on
Additional notes
If you are getting an alarm for no bidirectional traffic on eth1, then you dnetconfig settings are not correct.
You can run the dnetconfig script on the appliance, or set the interface correctly in the UI.

Analytics->Configuration->Select Engine->Configuration->Select Intefaces
Change eth1 to disable
Change eth0 to Management and Monitor

VSP device support is added in version 8.2
ERS 5900 support is currently scheduled for 8.5



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