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Auto Provisioning Extreme Networks Access Points

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TitleAuto Provisioning Extreme Networks Access Points
  • This document covers implementation of auto provisioning Extreme Networks Access Points in wired network infrastructure. Solutions for Extreme Networks EXOS-based switches and Cisco Networks IOS-based switches are provided. These solutions can be useful when wireless deployment using bridged at Access Point topology with one or more tagged VLANs on the Access Point’s port.
  • A customer who wants to switch from Bridged @ Controller to Bridged @ AP. Instead of going to each switch and adding a new VLAN for the AP traffic, he was wondering if they could use LLDP and/or a script if needed to move the VLAN’s onto the AP and have them tagged so they don’t have to manually config every port.
  • Cisco Auto SmartPort
  • Cisco
  • ExOS
  • IdentiFi
  • Wing
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