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Can I schedule my ExtremeCloud upgrade?

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TitleCan I schedule my ExtremeCloud upgrade?
Can I schedule my ExtremeCloud upgrade?
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Yes and no. Part of the Terms and Condition agreements that go along with this subscription service is that Extreme Networks will do an upgrade for you (default upgrade). It’s not something that is scheduled per customer site.  The admin on each ExtremeCloud account gets notified prior to the upgrade window so they can plan accordingly. This is a benefit to the subscription holder because they don’t have to constantly keep up with the software cycles of our ExtremeCloud products, Extreme does that for you.  What you can schedule is up to two weeks post date of the notification to do the upgrade on a specific day/time of your choosing. 


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From the help file in ExtremeCloud: 

Upgrade Schedule
(Optional) The ExtremeCloud Operations team sets the default upgrade schedule. You can do nothing and accept the default schedule, or you can schedule an upgrade within the 2-week default schedule. Select Reset to revert your edits to the default upgrade schedule. Keep in mind the following information:
  • If an upgrade cycle is in progress and you change the day that the site will be upgraded, the change will be implemented as long as the new day is at least a day ahead in the calendar.
  • If an upgrade cycle is not in progress, the configuration will be saved and the next upgrade cycle will be based on it.
  • When resetting, if upgrade cycle is in progress and you try to reset the previously saved preferred time as No preference, the request is ignored and the schedule continues with the previously selected time. Example: If the upgrade cycle starts on Monday and your preferred site upgrade time is saved as Week 1, Thursday at 5 PM, and then you try to reset site upgrade time as No preference, the site upgrade will take place on Week 1, Thursday at 5 PM.
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