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Chromebook Troubleshooting

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TitleChromebook Troubleshooting
How to troubleshoot Chromebooks.
  • Chromebook
  • ChromeOS Versions 45.x, 46.x, 48.x
  • Acer 720, 740, CB3-111
  • Samsung 303C12, XE500C12
  • Collecting Chromebook Logs (note the time of the issue):
Open the Chrome Browser and enter in...
  • Collect the Make, Model (sticker on the bottom of the CB), and ChromeOS Version:
User-added image

Conservative Radio Settings (both radios):

20Mhz Width
RTS/CTS Bytes 2346
Min basic rate to 6 from 12mbps 
Guard - Short 
Protection - Always 
Protection Type - RTS/CTS 
MPDU/ADDBA enabled  (some reports of issues with the Acer 720 when these are enabled)
MAX sub frames 32 
LDPC Enabled

Confirmed most if not all models of Chromebooks support DFS channels (UNII Extended) - How to create a 5GHz WiFi Channel Plan
Band Steering helps in most cases where good coverage for 5Ghz is available - How to set up a Band Preference Group (Band Steering) on IdentiFi Wireless

Note: If Chromebooks are having issues connecting, try disabling WMM by clicking VNS Tab > WLAN Services > Click WLAN service Chromebooks connect to > Click QOS Tab > WMM (Uncheck the checkbox) > Click Save

If using Chrome manager to push profiles and system settings out to a Chromebook population, please ensure the Wireless network is set to not forget.
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