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Configure High Availability on the IdentiFi Wireless Controller

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TitleConfigure High Availability on the IdentiFi Wireless Controller
Configure High Availability on the IdentiFi Wireless Controller
  • IdentiFi Wireless
  • All Controllers
  • All Firmware
  1. Connect to Controller via Web Interface WebGUI
  2. Ensure to enable AP Registration checkbox on the topologies you're configuring for HA Pair is checked on both controllers
  3. Click Controller tab > Administration Dropdown > Availability
  4. Under the Controller Availabilty Settings click Paired
  5. Enter in the IP address field the IP address of the backup Controller
  6. On the Backup Controller, configure the primary controller IP address
  7. Additionally you have to choose which Controller is your primary by Selecting "Current Wireless Controller is primary connection point "
  8. In order to have 2 tunnels between the 2 Controller and AP you have to check also "fast failover" 
  9. For Synchronized System configuration and/or Guest Portal accounts, Click options Synchronize System Configuration and/or Synchronize Guest Portal Accounts
  10. Click Save on both controllers
  11. For proper AP failover, Ensure that both controllers have the same time configured under Controller Tab > Network dropdown > Network Time
  12. Verify AP's have primary/backup tunnels indicated by Green and Blue color indicators under Reports tab > APs > AP Availability
  13. Click APs tab > Bulk Configuration dropdown > AP Default settings
  14. Configure the WLAN Assigments to be the same on both controllers as this is the SSIDs that will broadcast during AP failover
  15. Configure each AP model type tab to have the same settings on both sides
Additional notes
Pre-requisites for IdentiFi Appliance High Availability

The Sync Summary screen provides an overview of the synchronization  status of paired controllers 
The screen is divided into five sections: Virtual Networks, WLAN services, Roles, Classes of Service, and Topologies
The VNS tab is what is paired
 so, such as the "Login Management section" which is under the controller tab is NOT paired



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