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Configuring Purview for Fingerprint updates

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TitleConfiguring Purview for Fingerprint updates
To update Purview fingerprints
  • Netsight Purview
  • Netsight Oneview
  • Purview appliance
  • Netsight Appliance
  • From Oneview -> Applications -> Configuration -> System (on left) -> Fingerprints 
  • Hit the gear box next to the refresh/recycle icon under the bold fingerprints. 
  • Select Fingerprint Update settings 
  • Select Update Interval
  • Add URL of
  • Enter in Extreme Networks Extranet credentials under Username and Password
  • Enter in any needed proxy configuration here
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Additional notes
  • You MUST have a service contract for the Purview hardware or virtual appliance in order to access the fingerprint files. It will otherwise fail. If you do have a contract for it, see below for more troubleshooting tips.
  • To check if this was successful
  • SSH to Netsight Server (not Purview appliance)
cd /usr/local/Extreme_Networks/Netsight/appdata/logs
cat appid.log
  • Log should note if it was successful or not.

Methodology to update fingerprints from a Purview appliance without internet access
From a linux station with Internet access, grab the following via terminal
wget --http-password=<PASSWORDGOESHERE> --header=AppIdHost:
If you open the file appid.md5 with a text editor, you will see the files in there, and there md5 checksum. You will need to 'wget' those files from using the above format, then copy them to the Netsight Server under the following directory.

Once the files are placed there, then an Enforce from the Purview appliance will be needed. See How to Enforce a Purview Appliance



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