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Configuring RIP on 200 Series

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TitleConfiguring RIP on 200 Series
To configure RIP on 200 series to enable local routing and advertise directly connected and static routes into RIP.  
  • Extreme 220 
  • 200 Series
Create vlan and enable routing:

(Extreme 220) >en
(Extreme 220) #vlan database
(Extreme 220) (Vlan)# vlan 7
(Extreme 220) (Vlan)#vlan routing 7

Configure the vlan ip address:

(Extreme 220) >en
(Extreme 220) #conf
(Extreme 220) (Config)#interface vlan 7
(Extreme 220) (Interface vlan 7)#ip address /24
(Extreme 220) (Interface vlan 7)#ip rip

enable routing globally;

(Extreme 220) (Config)#ip routing

enable rip and redistribute routes:

(Extreme 220) (Config)#router rip
(Extreme 220) (Config-router)#enable
(Extreme 220) (Config-router)#redistribute static
(Extreme 220) (Config-router)#redistribute connected

Make sure the rip vlan is allow on the port:
(Extreme 220) #configure
(Extreme 220) (Config)#interface 2/0/1
(Extreme 220) (Interface 2/0/1)#vlan participation include 7
(Extreme 220) (Interface 2/0/1)#vlan tagging 7
(Extreme 220) (Interface 2/0/1)#exit

Additional notes
NOTE: Rip is not supported on the 210 series 



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