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Configuring the IP address on the NX9500 w/ AirDefense

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TitleConfiguring the IP address on the NX9500 w/ AirDefense
to configure IP address in ADSP

This section only applies to NX 9500 Integrated Services Platform (NX-9500-100AD-WR) preloaded with AirDefense  ADSP 9.x or higher.
Extreme AirDefense
Here are the initial steps to configure IP address in ADSP:

Launch the ADSP Command Line Interface (ADSPadmin)

Once the NX 9500 hardware is installed and powered on, proceed to the appliance's Command Line Interface (CLI) to configure two initial settings: Time and IP address.
1. The ADSP appliance boots up and a Command Line login prompt displays.
2. Type the Default Command Line User account name: smxmgr
3. Type the default Command Line User password: smxmgr
4. The ADSPadmin main screen displays.
5. At the command prompt on the ADSPadmin main screen, type c, the Config screen displays.
6. Type time at the prompt to set the Time and tz to set the Time Zone
7. Type ip to set the IP address, subnet mask, and gateway of the ADSP appliance. DHCP is enabled by default.
The screen displays the current network IP configuration.

                                               User-added image

After the NX 9500 series hardware is connected to the network, you can access the Graphical User Interface (GUI) from any workstation with a browser and network connection.

1. Launch a web browser and type the IP address or Host Name you assigned to the controller hosting ADSP with default port 8543.
Example: https://<appliance_ip_address>:8543> or <https://<appliance_name>:8543>

2. In the USERNAME field of the login screen, enter admin.
3. In the PASSWORD field of the login screen, enter admin123. This is the default password for the admin user. You should change this password as soon as possible.

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