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Connect to the WS-AP2610 via serial (Console Port)

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TitleConnect to the WS-AP2610 via serial (Console Port)
  • Serial Connection
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  • WS-AP2610
  • WS-AP2620
  • WS-AP2630
  • WS-AP2650
  • Console Cable
Connection for AP2610, AP2620, AP2630, AP2650 (current, RoHS-compliant) units

These APs are equipped with a console connection which requires a special adapter to translate between the local TTL signaling/port (on the AP) and converted RS232 signaling and DB9 port (on the adapter).

The source of an adapter known to work with the above-stated equipment is Interface Masters [IM100 page] [IM100 pdf].
Other sources may be located by performing a web search for "TTL to RS232".

To connect between the adapter's DB9 serial port and the PC's DB9 serial port, use a straight-through Null Modem cable or pinout.

Connection for AP2610, AP2620 (legacy, non-RoHS-compliant) units

A console cable is needed to connect to the AP. It should be connected on the headers located on the same side of the AP as the Ethernet Jack. You need to remove the 4 philips screws that hold the casing of the AP together. They are located on the four corners on the bottom of the AP. Pull the 2 halves of the AP apart. All the circuitry is on the lower half. You will see some headers on the circuit board. The headers below the ethernet jack represents the pins that go to the serial port chip on the board.

Here is a diagram showing the location of the correct headers:


Starting the console session

Use whatever terminal emulation software you like - such as Minicom, Kermit in linux, Teraterm, Hyperterminal, Procomm, or Securecrt in Windows, or PuTTY for Windows.
The terminal settings are 9600, 8-N-1.
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