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How To Create a Case Through Extreme Support Portal

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TitleHow To Create a Case Through Extreme Support Portal
Overview of Creating a Case in the Extreme Portal. How to create a case online for Extreme Networks.
  • Extreme Support Portal
  • Global Technical Assistance Center (GTAC)
  • Service Case

Log in to the Extreme Portal. For some details on how to get credentials for the Extreme Portal please reference the eSupport Transition Page
To enter Case Management select Support and then Case Management.
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To create a new Case click Create
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Select Support Case Type: Diagnose and Resolve and Issue or Ask a Question. In this example, we've used Diagnose and Resolve an Issue.
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Using the drop down selections, enter Product Family.  Briefly describe your case and add more details into the Description field. All fields are required on the Start tab.  
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Based on the text added in the Briefly described your case field, a list of articles provided to assist in providing more known information on the subject. 

Review Suggested articles for solutions or next steps, before going to the next tab. 
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On the Product tab select one of three options to proceed. Select Serial Number for a known serial number. To search for the serial number enter the Contract Number.  Or Choose the I don’t have a serial number or contract number button.
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Example:  Serial number entry with Service Level tab display for the example SN.  
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Example: Contract Number entry allows for  the selection of an associated serial number. When Serial number is selected, the Serial number field populates. 
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Select I don't have a serial number or contract number and add details.  
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From the Service Level tab, always review and confirm the Maintenance Agreement data and Product Warranty data. Select the appropriate button to verify the information is correct. If incorrect, add additional information. Save Draft allows you to save your case while you investigate further on your own or Click Next to proceed.
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If we were not able to find a maintenance agreement or warranty, it is possible to do a per incident SA.  
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From the Details tab, complete the required fields: Case Priority, Software/Firmware Version, Symptom Reason, Date and Time Problem Occurred. Completion of all fields is recommended to assist in learning more about the issues relevant to the case.   Drop down selections are available for Product Group and Product Series and based on Product Family selected on Start tab.  
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Details tab for Case Creation

Case Creation - Attachments
Use the Attachments feature on this tab to upload useful log files, policy files, images, network topology, etc. to assist in troubleshooting.  

Use the Additional Collaborator feature to add a collaborator from your organization to the case. If the feature is used, the collaborator can also manage the particular case in their My Open or My Closed Cases. 
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Once the Details tab fields are completed, Save Draft or proceed to the Submit tab by pressing Next.

Note: A draft case can be paused and resumed later. It is saved in your list of Draft cases for 30 days.

From the Submit tab,review the case details and press Submit.
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Final submitted Case details are now displayed.  
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Note: Request Management Review, Request to Close, Comments and Additional Options are immediately available.  

When you return to Case Management, identify open cases or go to draft case to complete and submit draft cases.  Manage your case on the portal by selecting the case. Enter comments, add attachments and additional collaborators as needed.  Attached Articles will display on your case screen if the GTAC engineer uses or suggests an article to answer your question or resolve the issue.  


Additional notes

Please see Article 8724 for details on How to  Submit RMA via New Support Portal.

If you have trouble accessing the Extreme Portal, please reference the eSupport Transition Page for information on setting up your account.

You can also submit feedback about the Extreme Portal using the feedback options at the bottom of each page.

If you are unable to perform your task and need immediate assistance with a technical issue, please Contact GTAC.



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