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How to add graphics to a custom ticket page

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TitleHow to add graphics to a custom ticket page
How to add and delete a graphic to Guest User ticket printout 
  • IdentiFi Wireless
  • Guest Portal 
  • Guest Portal Ticket
Adding the graphic
  1. Log into the controller GUI
  2. Select the Portal WLAN-Service
  3. Create the guest portal service on the wireless controller 
  4. Use "Launch Captive Portal Editor" from the WLAN Service Auth & Acct tab to upload images
  5. Select Captive Portal Editor -->   Widget Management --> Graphics
  6. In the Property Editor, select Browse and select the .jpg image, then select "Upload".  
  7. You will see the image saved in the Graphics section. 
  8. Configure ticket page to include the image "/images/test.jpg" in the ticket sample file and upload the ticket html file to the controller. (Note:  This requires HTML code specific for the image reference) 
  9. Save all changes 
Deleting the old graphic
  1. Select the graphic you wish to delete
  2. Hit the delete button

Note:  If you fail to select the image first you will get the following error message:
Unable to delete image being one or more widgets are used

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