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Dragon: Restricting SSH Access on a Dragon Appliance

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TitleDragon: Restricting SSH Access on a Dragon Appliance
Restricting command line access via SSH to all Dragon appliances (both the Intel and Dell platforms)
  • Dragon v7.x
  • Dragon v8.x
The following procedure would be performed on the Dragon appliance you wish to restrict SSH access:
  1. vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config
    • Change the ListenAddress variable from to the external management IP address of the Dragon appliance.


  2. vi /etc/hosts.allow
    • Add in the following lines, substituting x.x.x.x with the IP address you wish to allow access to SSH:
      • sshd : x.x.x.x : allow
        sshd : ALL : deny
    • *Note: You can use a wildcard for x.x.x.x. For example, if you wanted to allow all IP's in the 172.26.153.x range, you could use: note the period after 153)


      sshd : 172.26.153. : allow
      sshd : ALL : deny





      • vi /etc/hosts.deny
        • Add in the line:
          • sshd : ALL


    For example, in your Dragon appliance has the IP address of, and you wanted to only allow SSH access from machines in the 172.26.153.x nextwork:

    1. ListenAddress ( /etc/ssh/sshd_config ) would be set to:
    2. /etc/hosts.allow would have entries of (note period after 153.):
      • sshd : 172.26.153. : allow
        sshd : ALL : deny
    3. /etc/hosts.deny would have entry of:


      • sshd: ALL


    This would prevent all machines from SSHing to except for 172.26.153. machines (like


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