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ERS : VLAN Tagging Enhancements

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TitleERS : VLAN Tagging Enhancements
ERS : VLAN Tagging Enhancements that can be used to enable or disable PVID tagging on ports
  • BOSS
  • ERS Stackable switches
VLAN Tagging Enhancement
Rather than setting a port to untagged or tagged mode, you can also choose to enable or disable PVID tagging on ports
Following table summarizes the tagging options:
VLAN tagging enhancement summary

Configuring VLAN enhancement settings per port using ACLI
1. Enter Global Configuration mode:
configure termina
2. At the command prompt, enter the following command:
  vlan ports [<portlist>] [tagging {tagAll | untagALL | tagPVIDOnly | untagPvidOnly}] [pvid <1–4094>]

Displaying VLAN interface and tagging enhancement  information 
# show running-config module vlan
# show vlan interface info [portlist]
# show vlan interface verbose [portlist]
# show interface <portlist> config

Additional notes
Important terms used with the 802.1Q tagging 
  • Port VLAN identifier (PVID) : A classification mechanism that associates a port with a specific VLAN. For example, a port with a PVID of 3 (PVID =3) assigns all untagged frames received on this port to VLAN 3.
  • Tagged frame : The 32-bit field (VLAN tag) in the frame header that identifies the frame as belonging to a specific VLAN. Untagged frames are marked (tagged) with this classification as they leave the switch through a port that is configured as a tagged port.
  • Untagged frame : A frame that does not carry any VLAN tagging information in the frame header.
By default, all switch ports are set as untagged members of VLAN 1 with all ports configured as PVID = 1.



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