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Extreme Management Center version 8 - Database Restore

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TitleExtreme Management Center version 8 - Database Restore
Restore a database in NetSight Extreme Management Center version 8.04.54
  • NetSight version 8
  • Extreme Management Center version 8
The database restore function for version 8 utilizes a faster, more efficient enterprise backup that is different from prior versions and must be done via a cli command.  The user interfaces for the java applications and in Extreme Management Center OneView window don't have provisions to allow a database restore and can only be used to initialize the database to a default state.

The restore runs using the mysqlbackup_restore script in the <install directory>\scripts directory.

To restore the Management Center database backup:

  1. Ensure you are running the same version of Management Center used when creating the database backup on the Management Center server.
  2. Log into the system shell (via the local console or SSH) on the Management Center server as root on a Linux operating system or open a CMD prompt by selecting Run as administrator on a Windows operating system.
  3. Navigate to the scripts directory:
    • On a Windows server, enter cd "<install directory>"\scripts.
    • On a Linux server, enter cd <install directory>/scripts.
  4. Run the mysqlback_restore script:
    • On a Windows server, enter mysqlbackup_restore.cmd "<full backup directory structure configured on Backup/Restore tab, including path>"

      (e.g. mysqlbackup_restore.cmd "C:\Program Files\Extreme Networks\NetSight\backup\netsight_03272017/").
    • On a Linux server, enter ./ <full backup directory structure configured on Backup/Restore tab, including path>

      (e.g. ./ /usr/local/Extreme_Networks/NetSight/backup/netsight_03272017/).

Restoring older databases from prior versions created with the OneView or java client interface:

  1. Open OneView/Extreme Management Center
  2. In the tree on the left, select Administration
  3. Select Backup/Restore from the tabs on the right
If there are Legacy database files in the backup directory, the Restore section of the screen will populate as follows allowing you to restore a legacy database.  This section will not allow you to restore enterprise backups that were created with the cli.  Those must be restored via the section above using the cli commands.

Legacy Backup

Note 1: Extreme Management Center's restore of Legacy backups supports 2 major revisions back.  We have tested back to revision 6.3

Note 2:  For enterprise backups you may only restore to the same version that you did a backup from.   If for example you did a backup using the enterprise backup cli, you can only restore that backup to version  If you used the backup button from OneView or the java client interface, the DB file will show up in the version 8.0 restore area and you can restore the DB to version 8.
Additional notes
To restore a enterprise backup created with the cli to version 8.0, the process would be to restore that DB to version then upgrade to version 8.  This should be a rare occurrence as the enterprise backup was only available through the GTAC in

To check if Enterprise Backup was installed in version or earlier, check the “Restore” button on the databases tab in the server options of a legacy client. If it’s installed, it will tell you that it cannot restore from there because MySql Enterprise has been detected. If you can run a restore from the legacy clients, your server does not have MySql Enteprise installed.



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