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Extreme OmniWatch

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TitleExtreme OmniWatch
This guide will help you to configure your ExtremeCloud Appliance to work correctly with Extreme OmniWatch mobile application.
  • ExtremeCloud Appliance (XCA) 4.26 and higher
  • read-only or administrator type of account for ExtremeCloud Appliance
  • certificate signed by public CA installed on ExtremeCloud Appliance management interface (optional)
  • Extreme Access Point with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) capability (such as 391x, 5xx, 85xx,84xx,76xx,75xx) adopted to ExtremeCloud Appliance
  • any iOS  device with Bluetooth mode enabled. Minimum iOS version : 11.0
  • your iOS device is NOT in Airplane mode
  • The app is "Allow" to access your location while you are using the app as well as "Always Allow" when you are not using the app (see Additional notes for details)
Note: The Extreme AP 5xx series (802.11ax) need to be on at least and up to support BLE. 

Creating IoT profile on Extreme Cloud Appliance

To make Extreme OmniWatch application to work , the Access Points need to be enabled with iBeacon.
To do that , you need to create at least one IOT profile with iBeacon configuration on your ExtremeCloud Appliance. 
Access Point with enabled iBeacon will send following information which will help identify the unique device by the OmniWatch mobile application:
  • UUID; this is an Organization unique identifier. Can be randomly generated at multiple web sites , for example at . Usually one organization using single UUID
  • Major; this is usually used to identify a location, building , department or anything else. Can be any random number (such as 0,1,101 etc...)
  • Minor; this is unique identifier of the device itself - Access Point. Each Access Point require unique Minor value to be identified by the OmniWatch app correctly. Can be any random number or even an Access Point serial number (read the note regarding Minor value later in this guide)
To configure IoT profile on ExtremeCloud Appliance , navigate to Configure -->Site , select any configured Site in your system , go to Device Group , select any available Device group (choose a Device Group for the AP platform which supports BLE technology) , click Edit icon on Profile , navigate to IOT section , click on Add icon to create a new IOT profile.
Select iBeacon , paste UUID , enter Major and Minor . Note that Minor is just a default value which should be overwritten individually on Access Point (please read note below regarding Minor value configuration).

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Assign IOT profile to all other Device Groups/Profiles in your system where you want iBeacon to be enabled. 

Minor Configuration per Access Point (not needed for release XCA 4.56 and higher!)

If your ExtremeCloud Appliance is not with 4.56 software release or higher , you would require to configure each individual Access Point iBeacon Minor value. 
You can do it via REST API script or manually via ExtremeCloud Appliance User Interface . 
To do it on User Interface , navigate to Configure --> Devices --> Access Points , click on Access Point --> Advanced --> Overrides , select IoT iBeacon Minor , enter unique value 

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ExtremeCloud Appliance Certificate (optional)

To use Extreme OmniWatch mobile application it is recommended that your ExtremeCloud Appliance has installed a valid and signed by public Certificate Authority certificate on it's management interface.
There are many affordable public Certificate Authorities and resellers which can provide you with such certificate for as low as 6US$/year per appliance. For example at you can purchase single domain certificate which can be easily installed on ExtremeCloud Appliance management interface.    

After you purchase certificate from public CA , install it on ExtremeCloud Appliance. 

To install the certificate, on ExtremeCloud Appliance UI  navigate to Administration --> System --> Interfaces, select an interface you are using for managing ExtremeCloud Appliance, click Certificate button, install certificate 

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Source Code (swift)
Source code of the app is available for public access here :
Additional notes
To use the Extreme OmniWatch mobile application , download it to your iOS device from Apple Appstore. Launch the application , enter Extreme Cloud Appliance username, password, IP address/FQDN and distance which you would like to see your Access Points. The distance will be limited to the specified value which will help you to identify the particular Access Point you are interested in - e.g. if you have multiple Access Points in the room and you enter distance of 20 meters , you will not be certain which Access Point information is provided in the app. Entering a shorter distance , such as 3 meters, will show you the exact Access Point in proximity. 

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When you login first time , application will ask you to Allow access to your location while you are using the app as well as Allow access your location even when you are not using the app. You have to select "Allow" and "Always allow" respectively. If you did a wrong choice by mistake (e.g. selected Don't Allow or Only While using the App you would need to delete the app and re-install it from the app store. 
This is required due to Apple's implementation of monitoring region for searching iBeacons (see Apple's article regarding this limitations here: ). 

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If there are multiple Access Point within the defined distance, you will see the list of them ranged by the distance (from closer to the farthest one):
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