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ExtremeCloud Appliance - How to add a 200 switch to the ECA/XCA

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TitleExtremeCloud Appliance - How to add a 200 switch to the ECA/XCA
How to add a switch to the ECA/XCA
  • ExtremeCloud Appliance (aka. "ECA" or "XCA")
  • 200 Series

Adding a Switch: 

Access Points and Switches are automatically added to via the cloud-connector when the DHCP and DNS prerequisites have been met. You can use the Add functionality to pre-provision any AP or switch before they connect.

To add a switch to your network:
  1. Per-configure your external DHCP and DNS servers on your network for discovery of the new switch. In order for the to communicate to the ExtremeCloud Appliance:
  • The DHCP Server (that will be serving an IP to the switch) needs to return a DNS Server and Domain Name to the switch.
  • The DNS Server needs to map the name extremecontrol.<domain-name> to the IP address of the ECA/XCA that you plan to add the switch.
  • Confirm that the DHCP server is serving the correct DNS and domain name information.
  1. Go to Devices > Switches.
  2. Click Add and configure the parameters. NOTE - You can clone a switch from within a site
  3. Configure the following parameters.
  • Serial Number  - Unique number that identifies the switch. Provide this number for new and cloned switches. This number is on the switch.
  • Model - Select model number from the drop-down list. The model number is on the switch.
  • Name  - Unique name for the switch. Provide a unique name.
  • Description  - Text description to help identify the switch.
  1. Click OK.
  2. Connect your switch to the network and power it on.

Manually add the IP of your ECA/XCA on your switch - 
  • Example:
    • Enter the config mode - type config then the enter key
    • (Extreme 200) # ip host "extremecontrol" <eca_ip_address>
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