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Form Cluster Using WiNG Express

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TitleForm Cluster Using WiNG Express
Configure Cluster in WiNG Express Controller
Applies to WiNG Express Controller
1) Go to active controller, setup :
Mode : Set to Active
Name : Set any name for your cluster
Master Priority : set it to highest (255)
Member VLAN : Set to VLAN that you use for cluster
Member IP : Add your own Active cluster IP on it
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2) And click apply after done
3) After Active cluster done, go to Standby cluster, click on Join cluster and enter Active cluster IP address, with active cluster login username and password, Mode set to Standby, and click on Apply
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4) Now you will see your Standby cluster is formed with your Active cluster, with your active cluster IP in it :
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5) Go back to your Active cluster, you will see there are active and and standby cluster IP in Member IP, remove Active cluster IP, and you had successfully configure your cluster
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