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Getting started with ExtremeCloud Switching

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TitleGetting started with ExtremeCloud Switching
Assist in the setup and troubleshooting of the ExtremeCloud Switching product.
  • ExtremeCloud
  • Cloud
  • EXOS
Initial setup steps after receiving an ExtremeCloud supported device:
  1. Open your welcome letter instructing customer to activate account
  2. Create account and logs in as administrator
  3. Define Network Configuration:
  4. Create new sites (Default exists), Create services, etc.…
  5. Connect device to your network.
  6. Device exercises discovery methods and contacts
  7. Device connects and provides service according to assigned site configuration
Note:  Your CloudSwitch will check for cloud configuration changes in the cloud every 5 minutes.  It could take up to 5 minutes for a configuration change to be pushed to the switch.

Troubleshooting steps:
  1. Make sure the switch supports cloud.  If your switch does not have a cert installed it does not support ExtremeCloud.
show ssl manufacturing
  1. Does your switch have a active contract for cloud?
  1. Make sure the switch is getting a DHCP address with correct DNS server that can resolve
  1. Check to see if summitX- is installed.  This version prevents ExtremeCloud from connecting.  The versions v1.1.14.29 and newer have fixed this bug.
    • Reinstall EXOS with the same version in order to fix.
Note: You do not need the cloud connector for ExtremeCloud. It is used for ZTP+, not ExtremeCloud.

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