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How to disable assessment from NAC Manager or Extreme Management Center

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TitleHow to disable assessment from NAC Manager or Extreme Management Center
To disable assessment globally and or from roles and portal.
  • XMC
  • Netsight
  • NAC Manager
  • NAC
  • Access Control
  • Control
  • Assessment
  • Assesment
  • Assesment
To disable Globally
1. Select a NAC from NAC Manager
2. Then Go to Configuration Tab
3. At NAC Bypass Configuration -> Select Disable- Select Yes
4. Enforce Appliance

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To Disable assessment from roles
From Advanced Configuration, select Role on left, then uncheck assessment from the profile.

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To disable Globally via Extreme Management Center
Select Control->Access Control->Engines->Select Engine->Details->Bypass Configuration->Disable Assessment
You will get prompted to make sure you want to proceed. Click Yes
 Enforce Appliance

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To disable via profiles in Extreme Management Center
Control->Access Control->Configurations->Profiles
Select Profile, Uncheck Enable Assessment
Click Save

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To disable from NAC Portal
To Tools->Management and Configuration->Advanced Configuration->Portal Configurations-><Select Portal>Web Site Configuration
Deselect the Assessment and Remediation at the bottom of the page

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For Extreme Management Center
Control->Access Control->Configuration->Captive Portals->Select Captive Portal (Default is typical)->Website Configuration
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