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How To Apply Advanced Routing licensing to the 7100-Series

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TitleHow To Apply Advanced Routing licensing to the 7100-Series
How To Apply Advanced Routing licensing to the 7100-Series
On the 7100-Series routing product, the use of certain router features (OSPFv2/v3, PIM-SM, PIM-SMv6, PIM-DM, PIM-SSM, PIM-SSMv6, BGP, ISIS, Fabric Routing) requires the purchase and installation per chassis of an Advanced Router License.

Part# 71A-EOS-ADVL3 is supported with firmware and higher,
applies to the 71Kxxxx-xx (i.e. 71K11L4-48, 71K11L4-24, 71K91L4-48, 71K91L4-24) units,
and is configured using command 'set license l3-7100k "0001:71A-EOS-ADVL3...'.
Part# 71A-EOS-G-ADVL3 is supported with firmware and higher,
applies to the 71Gxxxx-xx (i.e. 71G21K2L2-48P, 71G21K2L2-24P24) units,
and is configured using command 'set license l3-7100g "0001:71A-EOS-G-ADVL3...'.

A separate license must be applied individually for each chassis; whether that chassis (aka switch, aka unit) is standalone or VSB-bonded; using switching command 'set license...'; for example:
7100(su)->set license l3-7100g "0001:71A-EOS-G-ADVL3:1:52e91bbb:0:Your Company N
ame Here:0:8d86714d:gVrh83WvrDF2M8xcQv3cCrEUFa3iu2YlOt38Y2c7IXnq5YdaXySy1Upmsx03
cG6f+CfB/h8KntVAXbTcN5L67w==" chassis 1

*** License accepted.

7100(su)->show license

License Type Location Status Key
---------------- ---------- ---------- --------------------------------------
l3-7100g chassis 1 active 0001:71A-EOS-G-ADVL3:1:52e91bbb:0:Your
Company Name Here:0:8d86714d:gVrh83WvrDF2M8xcQv3cCrEUFa3iu2YlOt38Y2c7IXnq5YdaXy

When issuing the 'set license...' command, it is important to surround the license key with double-quotes (" ") as shown above. The presence of spaces embedded in the company name will otherwise spawn error message "Error: Unknown: "<long string ending with ==>"". There are other reasons for this message, but omission of double-quotes when required is the most common.

The "chassis x" parameter is required for bonded and standalone systems, in order to designate the destination switch unit. Omission of this parameter spawns error message "Error: This license key is per chassis and requires the "chassis" option."

A license may be enabled on a switch prior to adding the switch to a bond, and all members of the bond/stack do not need to have the same key. It is expected that a separate license has been purchased for each unit of a licensed system. Bonding (VSB) requires no licensing to enable that functionality, but Advanced Router licensing of a bonded system does require such licensing to be applied separately to each of the bonded peers.

Caution: Any unlicensed unit of an otherwise-licensed system ("stack" of up to eight bonded units) will have no advanced routing capability, and the presence of any such unit will prevent the modification or addition of advanced routing configurations. Thus, for supported system operation it is important that a partial licensing condition be fully resolved as soon as possible by the configuration of a license onto any unlicensed unit within the system - or removal of all licenses from the system by means of the 'clear license all' command.

Note: In order to obtain the license key to be configured as described above, it is first necessary to redeem and activate your purchased license entitlement(s) in "Enterasys Licensing" (10833). As suggested by the appearance of the resulting license key shown above, activation uses the end customer's Company Name.
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