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How To Configure Dynamic NAT on Enterasys N and S-Series

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TitleHow To Configure Dynamic NAT on Enterasys N and S-Series
How to configure Dynamic NAT on Enterasys S-Series
  • Enterasys S-Series
    • Firmware: All Firmware Versions
1. Configure an inside interface.

interface vlan.0.2
ip nat inside
ip address192.0.2.1

2.  Configure the outside interface.
interface vlan.0.203
ip nat outside
ip address

3.  Configure an access-list to define which devices can be translated by the dynamic NAT and exclude any devices that you do not   want dynamically NAT'ed, such as servers that are part of a static NAT.

ip access-list  standard nat
Deny ip  host
Permit ip

3.  Configure  a global pool that is the IP or range of IP's to which    the inside addresses  will be translated.  This IP will be in the subnet of the  outside interface or the outside interface IP. If you are using only one IP then that is the first and last IP in the pool.
ip nat pool  global 203.0.113. netmask 24

4.  Type the following command to tie everything together and start dynamic NAT.  It also configures PAT by the overload command allowing one outside IP to be used for many internal clients.

ip nat inside source list nat pool global overload

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